Transforming Quality Inspection Through Cutting-Edge AI

Quality Inspection You Can Trust.

Results You Can See.

Forward-looking manufacturers rely on our self-learning PCB inspection system, powered by our award-winning AI, so they can reduce costly defects and operator fatigue.

Trusted By Leading Manufacturers

The world’s innovators rely on our future-proof system, powered by our award-winning AI.

Internationally Recognized

Next-Generation Quality Inspection for High-Mix Manufacturers

Our versatile defect detection system enables Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) companies to achieve higher yields and achieve a rapid ROI. Our future-proof system requires less oversight than alternative Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) solutions and it accurately captures a wider variety of PCBs on a single inspection point. Manufacturers who look to the future trust us to implement our comprehensive system, comprised of our inspection platform and imaging hardware.

Surface Mount Inspection

Created especially for OEMs and PCB manufacturers with high-mix needs, you can optimize your yield and rapidly improve operator efficiency by addressing various defect types in all sizes.

Conformal Coating Inspection

Your PCBs experience a range of defects, and differentiating between them requires exhausting oversight. Not any more – With DarwinAI your inspection process will be faster and easier, so you can redistribute your labor force to high value work.

Achieve your KPIs and production results

Better first pass yield

Improved product quality

Reduced maintenance costs

Reduced scrap

Products shipped faster

Now you can maximize the value of your human capital and scarce PCB parts with scalable future-proof visual quality inspection

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