About us

Building AI You Can Trust

DarwinAI is a leader in Explainable AI (XAI), a collection of technologies that reveals how and why AI makes the decisions that it does. These insights enable us to build superior enterprise AI solutions that are worthy of your trust.

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The byproduct of years of scholarship by our world-class academic team, our pioneering XAI technology accelerates and enhances the creation of custom AI models purpose-built for the demanding use cases and restrictive deployment environments of the real world.

Our patented IP allows you to quickly and cost-effectively build AI solutions you can trust, and is already used by leading enterprises in a wide range of fields.

We’re based in Waterloo, Canada, where academic rigor, entrepreneurial ambition, and engineering talent converge to create the perfect environment in which to build the world’s foremost Explainable AI company.

Meet the Team

  • Sheldon Fernandez

  • Arif Virani

  • Alexander Wong

    Co-founder, Chief Scientist
  • Gary Pacheco

  • Javad Shafiee

    Co-founder, VP Research
  • Bart Piwowar

    VP of Product
  • Jamil Dewsi

    Head of Growth
  • Amanda Connon-Unda

    Head of Marketing
  • Kelly Pritchard

    Director of People & Operations
  • Brendan Chwyl

    Co-founder, Director of Engineering
  • Francis Li

    Co-founder, Director of Research

Our Values

  • Camaraderie at scale

    We cultivate mutual trust and respect among our team, customers, partners, investors and community, while operating at the intersection of hard work and fun

  • Exploration and evolution

    We believe that comfort zones exist to be disrupted, that mistakes are learning opportunities, and that knowledge sharing is a tide that lifts all ships

  • Fearless innovation

    We are bold but not arrogant, fearless but not reckless, and committed to pioneering new solutions to problems big and small

  • Excellence through skill and tenacity

    We combine expertise and perseverance to overcome challenges, achieving excellence about which we can be rightfully proud

Our Investors


We’re honored to have earned recognition from renowned analysts, industry observers, technology publications, and other groups.

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  1. Tech In Motion:  Best Tech Startup – North America

    We were awarded Best Tech Startup – North America recognizing our forward-thinking leadership and agility innovation for our Visual Quality Inspection solution powered by Explainable AI

  2. CB Insights’ AI 100

    We’re once again named as one of the top 100 AI startups redefining industries, for achievements in MLOps and Applied Explainable AI

  3. CB Insights’ AI 100

    We are recognized as one of the top 100 AI startups, for achievements in AI Model Development

  4. CB Insights Game Changers 2020

    CB Insights includes us as one of 36 startups that could change the world

  5. Gartner Cool Vendor

    Gartner Research recognizes us as one of five Cool Vendors in Enterprise AI Governance and Ethical Response