DarwinAI Open: A humanitarian healthcare initiative to help strengthen the AI development ecosystem

Open Source


Designed to give back to the developer community and technology ecosystem, DarwinAI Open is a non-commercial initiative making important contributions to open source efforts

About The Initiative

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, our team considered how we could best contribute to the predicament. Shortly thereafter, we released the COVID-Net neural network. Overwhelmed by the incredible reception and emboldened by COVID-Net’s success, we were inspired to do more—and DarwinAI Open is the result. Today, under the DarwinAI banner, we have several open source projects that are all available to the community. We believe that strengthening the AI development ecosystem benefits everyone, from developers and practitioners to industry and society at large, and we’re happy to contribute our leadership and expertise.

DarwinAI Open Projects

Here are some of the exciting projects that are part of the DarwinAI Open initiative.

  1. COVID-Net

    An open source convolutional neural network for COVID-19 detection via chest radiography. Read the Case Study | visit GitHub

  2. Fibrosis-Net

    An open source AI that predicts pulmonary fibrosis disease progression to enable earlier treatment assessment. Read the Case Study | visit GitHub

  3. Cancer-Net

    Tailored deep convolutional neural networks for detection of skin cancer from dermoscopy images. visit GitHub