Speeding Up Non-Destructive Testing of Welded Parts by Assisting Human Inspection of X-ray Images



In commercial aircraft, heat exchangers warm fuel using heat from the engine’s oil system—an essential for safety and performance, and is dependent upon the manufacturer’s quality control process. Faced with inefficiencies in the inspection process for heat exchangers, a Fortune 100 manufacturing company approached DarwinAI for a solution.

The Problem

The existing manual inspection suffered from high escape rates, high overkill rates, and high costs from wasted work.

DarwinAI developed and deployed a vision-based AI that assists human inspectors by detecting localized defects on digital X-ray images.

The Results

fewer false positives
faster inspections
annual ROI

Difficulties with the existing inspection process

  • High Escape Rates
  • High Overkill Rates
  • Unnecessary Rework

Build versus buy?

The manufacturer recognized that a vision-inspection aid could help to address these issues, but they also knew that:

  • developing such systems is time consuming and often requires specialized expertise
  • most solutions on the market depend upon large volumes of training data to become reliable—often exceeding what is available or economical

DarwinAI offered a compelling alternative: a fast, economical—and reliable—solution that requires significantly less training data.

DarwinAI’s Solution

In only two months, DarwinAI developed and deployed a purpose-built AI system.

By accelerating and improving the quality control process, DarwinAI’s AI-assisted X-ray inspection process paid for itself within its first month of operation and is projected to deliver 10x ROI, annually.

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