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A world class client-first approach, without disrupting your production

Our team guides you through the process of setting up the DarwinAI system and integrating our artificial intelligence in a way that enables you to scale your system throughout your production facility. Our Machine Learning technology makes our inspection platform both more accurate and efficient for different Printed Circuit Board types at all stages in PCBA production when compared with other automated systems. In addition, our end-to-end system comes in three models and is turnkey, works very quickly, and has a lower data requirement than other AI-powered software systems. 

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Our in-house AI experts rapidly enable you to achieve a fully customized machine learning capability with the DarwinAI system within your production facility. We work closely with you to configure the DarwinAI system for your unique factory environment. We handle your imaging strategy and for every type of inspection we ensure that the AI model is optimized perfectly. We also account for parts handling integration and bring the DarwinAI system to your production site, so your team does not need to spend time on logistics. 

Scale your AI and Rapidly Increase your ROI

Once the DarwinAI system is deployed in your production environment, we ensure the system is fully optimized and our team provides new features and support on an ongoing basis.

DarwinAI Removes the Typical Challenges of Adopting New Technology

AI-powered inspection in less time

  • Solving the small data problem

Getting started with our platform requires only a single good or golden board reference for each type of Printed Circuit Board, making it much easier to start than the vast amount of data required by traditional AI systems. The DarwinAI VQI system is much faster, and as a result, you’ll see a faster time to value.

  • Solving the needs of enterprise scale

Our AI-powered system is adaptive AI and provides the versatility and environmental noise oversight that is required for each part or defect you wish to detect. DarwinAI VQI provides data outputs and digitization for each stage of your PCBA inspection throughout the manufacturing lifecycle.

  • Guaranteeing consistency & ease of use

The system is more consistent than manual or other automation systems. Defect detections or system updates will no longer interrupt your production. Our AI has a lower maintenance cost and requires no training to use.

  • The platform becomes smarter over time

Our platform continues to use the data in your production line to get more and more accurate. You’ll only catch real defects.

  • Meeting regulatory requirements

Reliable and robust AI is important for building trust with operators, and a high degree of transparency and data privacy are now all critical for regulated industries, like never before. DarwinAI VQI has that.

Client Services Optimized for Results

Discovery & Design

  • Client Services will understand your needs and goals.
  • A DarwinAI representative will share a demo, review your workflow and assess your KPIs and goals.

Solutions Delivery & Deployment 

  • DarwinAI advise/consult with you on where to place the DarwinAI system to optimize your inspection.
  • Implement and install the best configuration.
  • Deploy and validate your system on site.

Support & Customer Success

  • Ongoing inspection system support 1-1 with experts & zendesk integration.
  • Your questions answered (minimal training, because the system is so easy to use!)
  • You’ll be assigned a key DarwinAI contact for performance monitoring.
  • DarwinAI software seamlessly updates remotely – There will be no disruption to your workflow.

DarwinAI Deployments at Scale

  • Our experts enable you to expand and scale your AI-powered system to more inspection points as you build confidence.
  • Increase your ROI with multiple deployments and analytics integrations to make a positive impact on your company’s cost savings and revenue.
  • Enjoy the benefits of digitizing the entire inspection process.

Supported by Strong Partnerships

We’re proud to work with technology leaders who are pushing the boundaries of AI.

Get started today! Our Customer Delivery team will be happy to implement a DarwinAI system that works for you.