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World class service, without disrupting your production

Our customer experience team guide you through the process of setting up our platform and integrating artificial intelligence in a way that enables you to scale your system from a single inspection point to multiple inspection points throughout your production facility. Our Machine Learning technology makes our inspection platform more accurate and more efficient for different PCB board types when compared with manual inspection or automated optical inspection (AOI). In addition our end-to-end system is more robust and has a lower data requirement than other AI-driven alternatives. 

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Our experts will enable you to achieve a fully customized machine learning capability within your production facility. We work closely with you on building the optimal AI models and we configure our visual quality inspection system for your unique factory environment with a preliminary pilot. We handle your imaging strategy and for every type of inspection we ensure that we have the right AI model to match. We also account for parts handling integration and bring our rigs to your production site to simulate the actual process.

Scale your AI and Rapidly Increase your ROI

Once we have validated that your site is fully optimized, our team provides the DarwinAI platform to compliment your imaging hardware on an ongoing basis. 





AI-powered inspection in less time

  • Solving the small data problem

Getting started with our platform requires only a fraction of the number of data samples needed by traditional AI systems, making it much faster to get started; thus optimizing the entire design process. As a result, you’ll see a faster time to value.

  • Solving the needs of enterprise scale

We enable adaptive AI and provide the versatility and environmental noise oversight that is required for each part or defect you wish to detect.

  • Guaranteeing greater accuracy

Your defect detection will be more accurate with fewer false positives and you will no longer interrupt your production when you want to update the system. Our AI has a lower maintenance cost.

  • The platform becomes smarter over time

Our platform continues to use the data in your production line to get more and more accurate. You’ll only catch real defects.

  • Meeting regulatory requirements

Explainability is important for building trust with operators, and a high degree of transparency and data privacy are now all critical for regulated industries, like never before.

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