Discover Why DarwinAI’s Visual Quality Inspection is Superior

An Adaptive End-to-End Inspection System on Your SMT Line

Defect Detection with an Intuitive Interface

Enabling You to Rapidly Meet ROI Targets

Lower setup cost

Lower labor cost

Less rework

Less scrap

Less inspection time

Next-generation quality inspection for high-mix manufacturers unlocks cost savings

Unlike automated optical inspection (AOI) and hardware-first solutions that aren’t viable for high-mix PCB production, our end-to-end system (with our platform and imaging hardware) requires no coding or programming by your operators, is less labor-intensive and includes many benefits that make it the only and best choice for you.

The DarwinAI Platform gets smarter, simply by using it

Our strong vision system’s capability and our Machine Learning set us apart. Whereas operators using other systems typically experience fatigue, our AI does not. Your operators will confidently stop defective parts from moving through your system.

Solving Current and Future Challenges

Now, more than ever, you need reliable visual quality inspection so you can rapidly get products into your customers’ hands. Our system reflects both the present and future success of defect-free PCB production.

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Versatile for high-mix production

Due to supply chain issues your production lines are affected and your PCB board designs may change to meet a new function. Our system adapts to your unique and evolving needs. Our hardware’s agile camera angles target different component orientations. Our system works with a range of PCB sizes, shapes and models, and can detect many defect sizes, including small outline transistor.

Catches defects earlier

Instead of hundreds of defective boards going undetected, you’ll inspect them at the most critical points and catch errors earlier. You’ll reduce the burden on your last-stop Integrated Circuit Testing (ICT) and avoid delays in shipping products.

Lowers costs

With component costs skyrocketing, scrapping a PCB and doing rework are very costly. We tackle both challenges with the power of Machine Learning, which requires less oversight. You’ll receive significant cost savings as you achieve higher accuracy using less data.

Reduces your Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ)

By decreasing rework on defective parts you will be able to increases cost-savings and your overall revenue. Our system will result in more defect-free products and better customer satisfaction which will ultimately enable you to rapidly achieve your ROI.

Reliable, Customizable, Future-Proof

  • Easy to get started

    Requires less data, just a single gold standard reference!

  • Capture AI-ready images

    At the SMT and conformal coating stages

  • See accurate results

    Our system produces less overkill

  • Analyze your data

    Access it at any time

  • No code or programming

    Minimal setup required for new PCB boards

  • Scale your system

    Use the system on multiple inspection points and facilities

Operators get rapid and accurate results

Take a look at how the system works

Explore DarwinAI’s Advanced Features

High-touch customer experience led by our team of experts ensures your successful end-to-end system.

Operators easily and rapidly understand what and where the defects are without any understanding of Machine Learning.

Live monitoring alerts you of an inspection result for all units scanned. Eliminate late defect discoveries once many of your parts have already been ruined.

Your production’s digital history, including serial number and operator data, for every unit in DarwinAI’s platform is transparent and accessible.

Our customer experience team can help you get started with our visual quality inspection system