Discover Why DarwinAI is Superior

DarwinAI’s Rapid AI-Powered Inspection Goes Where No Automation Has Gone Before

Our versatile automated final mixed-assembly inspection system for PCBA works at the pre-SMT, SMT, and post-SMT/offline final inspection stages, which means DarwinAI replaces even your most challenging manual inspection in manufacturing. Unlike other automated systems that don’t do final mixed-assembly inspection post-SMT, DarwinAI enables OEMs and electronics manufacturers to achieve higher yields and achieve a rapid ROI, with far less labor time.

Thanks to DarwinAI system’s advanced optics hardware combined with its purpose-built AI models for PCBA inspection, your inspection process is much faster, so you can redistribute your labor force to other high-value work.

DarwinAI Provides End-to-End PCBA Inspection & Digitization

Works throughout the entire PCBA manufacturing process, replacing even challenging manual inspection!

Comes With Flexible Turnkey Hardware

Three models suitable for the entire manufacturing lifecycle

Provides a New Standard in Quality Inspection

Award-Winning AI Within a Turnkey System

Pre-SMT to Post-SMT Inspection

Rapid Setup Time

Advanced Optics for PCBA Inspection
The Largest Defect Image Dataset for PCBA Inspection

Enables You to Achieve a Rapid Time to Value

Unlike labor-intensive Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) solutions that require lengthy programming, our system more rapidly captures a wider variety of PCBs on a single or multiple inspection points. Our advanced imaging captures the fine level of detail required to see complex defects. You’ll also get a digital record and exported data about your defects to feed into your quality control systems. Now you can identify quality issues upstream and in real-time, as well as in final inspection, so you can produce higher quality PCBs.

Proven ROI

Manufacturers ramp up production while reducing CapEx

More Throughput
Less Labor
Less Scrap

Here’s A Closer Look

AI provides automatic component identification without any rules-based operator-driven programming. Specific areas of the board are easily accessible to see defect details when zooming in.

The alternate component feature accommodates board design changes automatically, if the new component is an acceptable one. DarwinAI helps you rapidly handle board changes when components are unavailable in the supply chain.

When you use DarwinAI’s system at multiple inspection points throughout the end-to-end PBCA manufacturing lifecycle, you will be able to use these inputs in a centralized database. Most automated inspection systems simply do not function at the post-SMT stage in production.

Connect the data you generate using DarwinAI to any number of ERP, supply chain or QA software to improve your yield forecasting, and to improve your PCBA production.

Reliable, Customizable, Future-Proof

  • Get started fast / No programming

    Proprietary AI models for PCB inspection work immediately

  • Capture AI-ready images

    Advanced optics provide high-quality images for PCBA inspection

  • See accurate results

    Our system produces less overkill and fewer false-positives

  • Analyze your data

    Access it at any time to uncover trends and optimizations

  • Integrate with ease

    Use DarwinAI’s flexible Industry 4.0 system with ERP & QA software systems

  • Scale your system

    Use the system on multiple inspection points and facilities

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