Explore The Reasons Why Manufacturers Use DarwinAI

Solving Current and Future Challenges

Now, more than ever, you need reliable inspection system so you can rapidly get products into your customers’ hands. Our system reflects both the present and future success of defect-free PCBA production.

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Versatile for high-mix production

Due to supply chain issues your production lines are affected and your PCB board designs may change to meet a new function. Our system rapidly adapts to your unique and evolving needs. Our hardware’s agile camera angles target different component orientations and work with a range of PCB sizes, shapes and models. DarwinAI’s system detects many defect sizes, including small outline transistors.

Catches defects earlier

Instead of hundreds of defective boards going undetected, you’ll inspect them at the most critical points and catch errors earlier. You’ll reduce the burden on your last-stop Integrated Circuit Testing (ICT) and avoid customer delivery delays.

Reduces the Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ)

With component costs skyrocketing, scrapping a PCB and doing rework are costly. With the power of DarwinAI’s proprietary AI models for PCBA inspection, the system requires less oversight and works immediately. Our system will result in more defect-free products and better customer satisfaction which will ultimately enable you to rapidly achieve your ROI.

Decreases operator fatigue

Whereas operators using other systems typically experience fatigue, our AI does not. With our AI-powered system, your operators will confidently stop defective parts from moving through production. When you eliminate manual inspection you can reassign inspectors to work on other high value activities. 

Aggregates image and metadata

For every PCB moving through the system you can locate and eliminate the root cause of defects, maximize your line performance and yield, while upholding quality standards across the supply chain.

Proven ROI

Manufacturers ramp up production while reducing CapEx

More Throughput
Less Labor
Less Scrap

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